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Travel Journals

China and Taiwan

Suzanne and Rose, photo from workshop

Other Journals

The Inside Story of My Foot
Eulogy for Luc Leplae


Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Teaching out of the Mainstream

Meta House
Horizon House
Vel Philips YMCA
Shelter for Battered Women

Thumbnail of Eli's painting of Lilac

Performance Poems

Here Lilac
Life on a Ledge
Raising Cain
The Inuit Didn't Do It
The Writing over the Radiator
WW1, WW2, WW W (includes sound files)
   Note: also performed under the titles "W" is for World and Burning Bush
What's Wrong With Imperfect?
Aroma Around Orizaba
Thoughts on War
I Sing of Aging
A Cycle of Bike Poems
If You Can Smell It, You've Inhaled It
Guns and Drugs
Yoruba Pygmies
The Sound of Water (includes sound files)
The Changes in the Lake

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Poem lines and drawing lines combined.

Miami Beach, Winter 2002-3 - Wordrawings and Wordpaintings
Drawing Along the Lake
Lake Michigan in Words
A Gull's Eye View
The Duck Lagoon I
The Duck Lagoon II
The Circus Grounds 2002
Three Ladies in their Eighties

Shorelines book cover


Shorelines - Wordrawings, published by Gallery of Wisconsin Art.

The Changes in the Lake - Drawings and prose.

Everyone is Going Somewhere - 1976 childrens book.

Dancers - Brush drawings, limited edition.

Memorandance - Dance calendar, Marcel Dekker

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