While drawing a weeping willow at the duck lagoon, I noticed that weeping willow leaves look like tears. I wanted to include that observation in my drawing, so I used the words weeping willow leaves look like tears to form the leaves of the willow. I soon was drawing ducks using the word duck, and geese using the word goose, and gradually almost of all of my drawings became wordrawings.

Size: 9 by 12 inches
Medium: ink on acid-free paper

Miami Beach, Winter 2002-3

Three Ladies in their Eighties link

Three Ladies in Their Eighties

Drawing Along the Lake link

Drawing Along the Lake

Lake Michigan in Words

A Gull's Eye View

Shorelines Book


Duck Lagoon link


The Duck Lagoon I

The Duck Lagoon II


Denying Dandelion

circus thumbnail

The Circus Grounds

The Circus Grounds - 2002


  Drawings in Summer 1993 issue of Confrontation literary journal.


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