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Drawing-paintings, were on display at Beans & Barley beginning March 2005.

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The Many Faces of Sharon

I don't like his politics, but Ariel Sharon's face is in constant flux...

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Restaurants are places where people gather and feel satisfied. I like to sense the contented crowd, and once people are comfortable, it's easy for me to work. I'm always trying to communicate an atmosphere, and restaurants project atmosphere.

lunch counter link

Oriental Pharmacy Lunch Counter

Gay Garden link

Gay Garden

Benjamin's Deli thumbnail

Benjamin's Deli

My Balcony

A balcony is where people are enjoying each other before the lights go out. The little bit of darkness you get leaves you anchored to the people you're with. So I tried to pick everybody I liked for this sculpture, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. I think I communicate some of my experiences of others in the balcony.

My Balcony link

Miami Beach

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Pools, Sauna, and Elders

Pools and saunas are part of our relationship with water and how we experience water. After all, we are 98% water.

Pools, Sauna, Retired Elders link

We Are All Making Art

Making art fascinates all children, both doing it themselves and seeing adults do it...

We Are All Making Art - Milwaukee

In Milwaukee

We Are All Making Art - Neve Shalom

In Neve Shalom


Something happened to me with Gorbachev. He made me feel like the world could change, that all of a sudden mankind might have a chance. And I was excited about dealing with current events.

Newspapers link

The New York Times

Election 2000 link

Election 2000

Portraits of Family Members

family portraits link

People in their Environments

If you are on the porch or on a step, sitting or standing, wherever you are, you are in an environment. These pieces deal with a person's relationship to where he is.

people link


Sandburg Hall Students link

Sandburg Hall Students

Leon and the Sunflowers link

Leon and the Sunflowers


Fans at Milwaukee Brewer's games at County Stadium

Bleachers link


Very few sculptors deal with landscape space. When I sculpt neighborhoods, they become landscapes, filled with the life of the people who live there.

Riverwest Houses link

Riverwest Houses

Imperial Motors link

Imperial Motors

Treescapes and Landscapes

No matter how beautiful the world is, simple trees are more beautiful than everything else...

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Cows are the most innocent among us. I look at a calf and I feel like I'm looking at the beginning of ourselves. I paint my cows different colors to reflect the sky. Their spots become sky spots.

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Children's birth announcements, coming soon.

The Platforms: 22 Drawings of America Selecting a President.

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