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Riverwest Houses

Sometimes I wish I still had a dog to walk in the early evening. I used to look up from the street at the houses lit from within and think about the people's lives.

While I was sculpting these houses, a friend of mine died and I remember consoling his wife on the phone. That experience became part of the houses. Walking by windows at night you can see how life is only a moment in time.

houses 1 houses 2 houses 3 houses 4

Imperial Motors

Imperial Motors is a walk-through experience, like you're walking through a funhouse, and at the same time, it's a garage. I dedicated Imperial Motors to my father. It had something to do with going to garages with my dad and sitting around and waiting.

Imperial Motors 1 Imperial Motors 2


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Bahr's Furniture

Toledo, Ohio

Bahr's Furniture


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