Sarah Rosenblatt - Poetry

Reprinted with permission of the author. The 2002 version was updated in 2009 by the author.
     We’re all in this together—
     a throng of us
     preparing meals,
     smiling at strangers,
     realigning our cars.
     All moving forward
     with a surety.
     But then an uneasy tone
     rings in the trees
     with an alacrity that undercuts the sunshine
     on our faces.
     We begin to travel
     as if to avoid something.
     When we were younger
     we wondered how
     we would handle middle age.
     Now, years later,
     we catch glimpses of it in others
     before we recognize it in ourselves.

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Copyright © 2002, 2009 Suzanne Rosenblatt. All rights reserved.

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