David and Bertha Richman photo
David Richman and Bertha Dayan Richman
Suzanne's maternal grandparents

Family History

In 1977 Joshua asked his grandparents and Suzanne's uncle Ben about the family history for a junior high school assignment. Here are some of the responses he received:

Letter from Rose Richman Freedman, Suzanne's mother.

  • Letter to Joshua
    "My mother came to this country in September, 1913 -- I was 11 months old! There were six children all together with her, in steerage..."
  • Letters from Suzanne's uncle Ben Richman .

  • First letter to Joshua
    "I can remember when your Grandmother Rose was born. Our father was already in America. He left Ostropol, a small town on the Slutch River about 100 miles from the Bug River where they met and flowed down to the Black Sea..."
  • Second letter to Joshua
    "I'm glad to have heard from your mother that the story was incomplete. I felt it was, but I thought maybe you were in a hurry to get at least part of it. I will continue with the Ostropol part-that town was really something special..."
  • Ostropol map and description
    "On market Mondays wagons with merchandise displays gathered next to all center highways & displayed their wares. Customers paraded back and forth among wagons looking inspecting bargaining..."
  • Uncle Mendel
    "There was quite a crew of the Richman boys -- my father David; then Srulber, he was older (than my father); and Mendel, he was the oldest. I remember my uncle Mendel..."
  • Letter from David Freedman, Suzanne's father.

  • Letter to Joshua
    "As I know very little of the 'roots' of my father and mother (your great-grandfather and great-grandmother), I will have to write whatever I can recall of their lives here in the U. S., and, of course, my own life..."
  • A copy of a letter from Adolph's father, Jacques Rosenblatt, to his grandson, Ethan, on Ethan's 12th birthday.

  • Letter to Ethan
    " Thirteen, the old Hebrews say, is the age of maturity, when you are considered a man and take all the obligations of a man - 12 is a preparatory ... when I reached 12, I figured, it will be easy for them to miss me; there will be one mouth less to feed and I stole a ride to Bucharest..."

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