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Unfortunately many web site links move or disappear completely over time. The site owners may change their software or otherwise reorganize their sites breaking links. Some sites just disappear. This makes keeping a static page such as this current and accurate very difficult. Check the blog for a more recent list.

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    Eli, Pauline, & Craig's web site
    Art, artifacts, furniture, antiques & architectural elements from China, Tibet, Nepal & Mongolia.
    Gil Walter
    Suzanne's bicycle companion and Adolph's canoe companion. From his biography:

    "Born in 1930 in the bucolic little town of Ottawa, Illinois of German immigrant parents, I soon showed promise of things to come. At the age of five I tried to catch a ball thrown by my father and dropped it..."
    One Drum
    "One Drum is an eclectic multi-cultural ensemble which performs songs, stories & dances rooted in the cultures of Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, the Middle East & the Americas." Their site includes audio clips.

    View the blog and photographs of band member Roman Edirisinghe .
    Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam
    Doar Na Shimshon 99761 Israel
    Tel: 972 2 9915621
    Fax:972 2 9911072
    Art in Wisconsin
    "Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors/Wisconsin Arts in All Media (WP&S/WAAM) is a nonprofit organization of visual artists and friends united to advance opportunities and services for artists and the general public, and committed to the importance and value of art and its creation in our society."
    Milwaukee Artist Resource Network
    "MARN, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, is an advocacy group that pools knowledge and skills to help promote the arts in Wisconsin."
    The Charles Allis and Villa Terrace Art Museums
    "The mission of Charles Allis Art Museum and Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is to fully utilize both historic house Museums, gardens and their art collections for education and community enrichment."
    Kathy A. Graff
    Assists Suzanne maintaining

    Links for Adolph

    1st of the Century
    UWM Faculty Exhibition, October and November 2000
    July 2000
    Charles Allis Museum
    March 1999, in On Art by James Auer
    UWM Report
    June 1999
    Milwaukee in Sculpture
    Haggarty Museum, Marquette University, October 1996 to January 1997

    Links for Suzanne

    A conversation with Suzanne Rosenblatt
    Being There, December 2005, pages 4-7
    Interview by George Lottermoser
    (link is to a PDF file - requires Adobe Reader)
    Enemy trips up green crusader
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, August 2001

    Links for Sarah

    Celebrating the smallest moments
    by Lisa Isaacson, November 2000
    Piano Gallery Reading
    October 2000
    On the Waterbed They Sank to Their Own Levels
    Carnegie Mellon University Poetry, 2000

    Links for Eli and Pauline

    Chinatown in Milwaukee? Just maybe
    by Nahal Toosi, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, June 5, 2005
    From Mao Jackets to Mini Skirts
    City Scenes by Dave Luhrssen, Shepherd Express, November 2000

    Links for Joshua and Anastasia

    Taking the A train to lasting love
    Maria Finn Dominguez, Special to the Tribune, Published July 14, 2004 (free registration required)

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