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August 6, 2003

Subject: roundup

Since many environmentalists use Roundup as a less toxic option among weed-killers, I thought this web site would interest you. Sz

Roundup of Roundup responses:

August 10, 2003

If the Round-Up doesn't do it...YOU HAVE SCARED THE LIVER OUT OF ME. Rochelle NO KIdding

Thanks. I have used round-up a couple of times. No more! Sally

Suzanne: Thanks for sending this information. The method of Round-up application which I support is about 30% dilution applied with a foam brush directly to cut stumps of buck thorn. People always wear rubber gloves and protective suits if necessary. Since there is no spraying there is no practically no danger of inhalation. I heard that the applied Round-up breaks down to non toxic compounds within a day. Kim Forbeck, landmanager at the UEC might have more information on it. Else

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