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Puppy photo Lilac with reflections
Sarah and Lilac photo Sarah holding Lilac

Sarah and Lilac

Suzanne's poem Here, Lilac

Painting by Eli

Lilac in Eli's paintings

Sarah and Lilac

Lilac in Suzanne's painting


Joshua's drawing of Lilac

Joshua and Lilac

Adolph's sculpture of Joshua and Lilac

Thumbnail of Pauline's painting

Pauline's painting of Lilac


In Memory of my dog, Lilac

Sleep was all over
the house.

Each of us took a couch.

The dog curled in all
the breathing.

She had an understanding of each
of us
through our breaths.

She knew us
through and through.

We had spent
so many afternoons this way.

Sarah Rosenblatt

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