Adolph working on sculputure

Résumé - Adolph Rosenblatt

One Man Shows
Group Shows
Grants and Awards

Born: New Haven, CT

Education: Yale School of Art and Architecture, B.F.A., 1956

Studied with Josef Albers, James Brooks, Gabor Peterdi, Bernard Chaet, Conrad Marcarelli

Occupation: Artist

Professor of Art, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1966 - 1999

One-Man Shows:
Kanegis Gallery, Boston, MA, 1958
New Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 1962
Dorsky Gallery, New York, NY, 1964, 1972
Marlboro College Art Gallery, Marlboro, Vt, 1966
Fontana Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 1966
Schoelkopf Gallery, New York, NY, 1966, 1968
Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI, 1967
University of Wisconsin Union Gallery, Madison, WI, 1969
West Allis Art Alliance, West Allis, WI, 1972
Ripon College Art Gallery, Ripon, WI, 1972
Bradley Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1972
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, 1973
Tower Gallery, Southampton, NY, 1975
Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI, 1978, 1979, 1984, 1986
Razor Gallery, New York, NY, 1978, 1979 [review by Robert Berlind]
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, 1978
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minn, 1982
Posner Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1982 [reviews by James Auer and Dean Jensen], 1984 [reviews by Dean Jensen and Tom Strini]
Swen Parson Gallery, DekaIb, IL, 1982
Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, NY, 1982
Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1985
Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995
Gallery of Wisconsin Art, Milwaukee, WI, 1993
Jewish Community Center Art Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1994
Milwaukee Art Museum, "We're All Making Art," 1995
Anderson Art Museum, Kenosha, WI, 1995
Haggerty Art Museum, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, 1996-7
Charles Allis Art Museum, "My Balcony", Milwaukee, WI, 1999 [review by James Auer]
Group Shows:
Contemporaries Gallery, New York, NY, 1957
American Federation of Art, Travelling Show, 1958
Fine Arts Festival, Boston, MA, 1961
Artists' Gallery, New York, NY, 1961,1962
American Gallery, New York, NY, 1962
Riverside Museum, New York, NY, 1962
Castellane Gallery, New York, NY, 1963
Castellane Gallery, Provicetown, MA, 1963
Griffin Gallery, New York, NY, 1964
Dorsky Gallery, New York, NY, 1964
Schoelkopf Gallery, New York, NY, 1964
American Greeting Gallery, Man and Woman Show, Pan Am Building, New York, NY, 1964
Gallery of Modern Art, New York, NY, NEW YORK NIGHT AND DAY, 1915-1965, five sculptures, 1965
Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI, 1965
Yale School of Design Gallery, New Haven, Conn, 1966
McNay Museum, San Antonio, Tex, 1966
Wisconsin Salon, Madison, WI, 1968 (top cash awards)
Irving Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1969, 1970, 1971
Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1970
Bradley Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1971
Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI, 1971
Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, Milwaukee, WI, 1972
Tennessee Fine Arts Center, Nashville, Tenn, 1972-5
Forum Gallery, New York, NY, 1976.
Razor Gallery, New York, NY, 1976-1979
Ft. Wayne Museum of Art, Ft. Wayne, Ind, 1976
Newport Art Assn, NARRATIVE REALISM, Newport, RI, 1979
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1987
Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1980
Tuthill-Gimprich, New York, NY, 1979, 1980
Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, Wi, 1980, 1984
Tower Gallery, Southampton, NY, 1981
Spectrum Gallery, New York, NY, 1981, 1984
Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986,1987
Cooperstown Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY, 1983
Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry, ABC Olympics Show, Los Angeles, Cal, 1984
Objects Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1984
Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, NY, 1986-7
Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1988, 1989
Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Wustum Museum, Racine, WI, 1993
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Milwaukee, WI, 1994
Milwaukee Art Museum, The Jewish Contribution to Twentieth Century Art, 1994
Haggerty Art Museum, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, 1994
Union Gallery, UW-Milwaukee, 1st of the Century, 2000.
The Piano Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, 2000-01.
The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Walker's Point Center for the Arts, 2002.
The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Crossman Gallery, UW-Whitewater, October 23 through November 16, 2002.
The Rosenblatts: A Family Exhibition, Wisconsin Art Board Gallery, Madison WI, 2005
Beans & Barley, with Naranda Patel, Milwaukee, WI, 2005 [view photos]
Grants and Awards:
Wisconsin Arts Board Grant, 1985-6
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Research Award, 1986
Midwest Arts Fellowship, 1995
NEW YORK, NY, Peter Deitsch Gallery, New York, NY, 1961
ART IN AMERICA, #2, 1964
ART NEWS, Oct 1964 and Oct 1966
ART IN AMERICA, Sept-Oct, 1978
TOLEDO BLADE, front page, Dec 15, 1978
ART/WORLD, March 1979 and June 1981
AMERICAN CRAFT, June/July 1981
Library of Congress
Lester Avnet Collection
Sam Dorsky Collection
Ft Wayne Museum of Art
Carlisle Museum of Art
Williamstown Museum
Punch Sulzberger, New York TIMES
Milwaukee Art Museum
DAYDREAM DINER, 1975, Prizewinner Great Lakes Film Festival, 1976

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