Sculptor makes a hit of fans in County Stadium bleachers

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This night, sculptor Adolph Rosenblatt found his subject midway up the County Stadium bleachers.

Tim Nehmer, a lanky baseball fan, was sprawled out in a pose that would have caught the eye of a talent scout for contortionists. Nehmer rested his elbows on one tier of bleachers, his buttocks on another, and his feet on still another.

As he had done many times, Rosenblatt turned his back to the game and put down a 25-pound cube of clay just feet away from the subject. The sculptor's eyes crawled like a couple of flies over the yound man, taking in everything about the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater student's physical features, expression and dress.

Almost magically, everything the artist's eyes had observed was translated by his fingers...


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